More BTS Slime

Yup, we did. We made more BTS Slime!

Photo Feb 02, 9 47 32 PM

Each Slime has a little Charm. If you’d like to get your own BTS Slime, check out our Etsy Shop!

Crystal Snow Slime

Photo Jan 29, 6 53 46 PM

Jurassic Park Jimin Slime

Photo Feb 02, 10 11 09 PM

Spring Day RM Slime

Photo Feb 02, 11 16 46 PM.jpg

Mint Suga & Cypher Suga Slime

Photo Feb 02, 10 12 17 PM.jpg

BTS Slime!

My daughter LOVES to make slime so one day she made this slime that reminded me so much of the night sky in Serendipity so I told her, “Let’s make Serendipity Slime!” 😄

Thank you to the talented Mao for our chilbi Jiminie. He’s adorable and we love it!

If you’d like your own jar of Serendipity you can buy it in our Etsy Shop!

Screenshot 2018-01-28 21.38.43


Saw these little backpacks in the store and just knew I had to turn them into Mini ARMY backpacks! Eek! They’re so cute! Now you can have them too! We just listed them in our Etsy Shop!

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